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Sit ‘n Sleep and Diamond Mattress Partner on Successful Launch of Cloudtech Collection

A breakdown of the Nimbus Plush model from the Cloudtech Collection.

Two Southern California bedding manufacturers have partnered to launch one the most successful mattress collections for both companies. Bedding retail giant Sit ‘n Sleep and omnichannel mattress producer Diamond Mattress said Cloudtech was an instant top seller and exceeding expectations in its first 90 days.


Cloudtech is a five-model mattress collection designed by Diamond Mattress and debuted in March at 37-store mattress retail chain Sit ‘n Sleep. Diamond officials said the collection will be available to other select, qualifying retailers to protect distribution for all Cloudtech retail partners.


Sit n’ Sleep president Nelson Bercier said the program has far exceeded the retailer’s goals. He and CEO Larry Miller are known in the bedding industry as early adopters of new brands and technology with a solid record of spring-boarding successful collaborations and brand launches in the company’s 44 years.


“Cloudtech is significantly outperforming top brands on the floor because it has a real luxury look and feel with technology that consumers want and can easily understand at an accessible price point,” said Patrick Wolf, Diamond vice president of sales and education.


Cloudtech provides a top-of-the-line sleep experience with layers of cooling elements for optimum comfort and thermoregulation to promote quality sleep uninterrupted by heat build-up and tossing and turning. Available in three distinct feels, the Nimbus models include a tri-zoned Technogel® cooling gel layer in between graphene memory foam. Technogel’s naturally high thermal conductivity disperses heat away from the body, and the unique grid design further promotes airflow and breathability for a cooler, deeper sleep.


Another reason for Cloudtech’s success, Wolf noted, is that Sit n’ Sleep has been selling Technogel® products for years. The sales team has a high degree of knowledge and confidence to sell it, resulting in higher closing rates. He added that Diamond’s kick-off training with the Sit n’ Sleep team was the retailer’s first in-person training since the start of the pandemic in early 2020, and the enthusiasm and energy created a mindset of success.


Cloudtech represents Diamond’s first partnership with Sit ‘n Sleep and in its first 90 days has climbed to the top 10 of all programs for the 80-year-old family-owned mattress manufacturer.



About Diamond Mattress:

Diamond Mattress is a Top 20 U.S. mattress manufacturer and leading omnichannel sleep wellness brand with a tradition of product and manufacturing innovation. The privately held, fourth-generation company is committed to superior service with a focus on custom solutions of high quality and value while promoting the importance of sleep and its impact on personal wellness.


More about Sit ‘n Sleep

Sit ‘n Sleep is the mattress superstore dedicated to delivering a good night’s sleep to millions of Californians. Sit ‘n Sleep is focused on helping people find the right mattress for their needs, body type and health—all from the largest selection of mattresses, at the best price, while receiving great service. With 33 superstore locations throughout Southern California,


Sit ‘n Sleep is an established Southern California brand, operating some of the largest and most successful mattress stores in the nation for over 35 years.


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