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Sony LinkBuds S are the world’s smallest and lightest noise cancelling buds

Sony has officially announced the Sony LinkBuds S true wireless earbuds, debuting a lighter design than the original LinkBuds, weighing in at just 4.8g per bud and maintaining noise cancelling tech.

Sony says the LinkBuds S are the smallest and lightest headphones with noise cancelling capabilities, while also offering the ability to enjoy Hi-Res audio via a wireless connection.

The design offers significant changes to the original LinkBuds, with the open-ear loop replaced by a vent within the more compact buds. That’ll still allow for the ambient noise, which was a hallmark of the original’s proposition.

That’s thanks to the LDAC codec, which is gradually being adopted by other players in the industry. The company is also including the DSEE Extreme tech that can upscale files, so the smaller and lighter form factor isn’t likely to lead to a drop-off in quality.

“With the help of a new 5mm driver unit these small earbuds pack a punch, producing powerful bass and stunningly clear vocals despite their size, bringing out the best in whatever genre or entertainment you choose,” Sony says in a press release.

“While Sony’s Integrated Processor V1 improves noise cancelling, enhances sound quality and reduces distortion with less power for distraction-free listening, perfect for busy commutes.”

There’s also the Bluetooth LE Audio standard, which will please gamers seeking a low latency experience over a wireless connection. Battery life is rated at six hours with noise cancelling mode on – an exceptional return – while there’s a further 14 hours to be had via the charging case. A quick blast on the mains will give you an hour of playback.

Beyond that, they’re also fitted with Google’s new Fast Pair feature for easy connection to Android devices, while the Swift Pair tech is ideal for a quick hook-up with Windows devices. They also play nice with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Sony says the headphones maintain the “never off” auto play capabilities of the LinkBuds, while Speak-to-Chat tech will automatically pause your music when they detect you’re having a natter with someone. They’ll arrive at the end of this month, priced at £180, in black, ecru and white.

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