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Stellaris Console Commands – Cheats and more in 2022

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4X strategy titles are some of the most complex and involving games on the planet, and it’s possible to really sink days and days of your life into them without even realizing it. Stellaris is one such title, with a particular focus on running your own space empire and expanding it to become the most powerful in the universe. Of course, if you’re the sort of fan who has already poured hours into the game, then you’re probably of the opinion that you’ve already got everything you can out of it. However, we know the best way to spice up your game: Stellaris console commands.

Console commands are a great way of both changing the way the game works, and just giving yourself infinite resources so you can mess around free of consequences. There are tons of different commands to try out, so we’ve put together a definitive guide on the different console commands you can use to enhance your experience in Stellaris.

How to use the console in Stellaris

Luckily it’s a pretty simple thing to activate the console in Stellaris. You can tape the ` key just below escape, and it should open the console. In this case, the console appears as a little translucent box on the top left of your screen. Here, you can enter any of the cheats and commands down below to achieve the desired effect. Unfortunately, you can’t rebind the keys at all in Stellaris, so there’s no other way to activate the console. If the ` key doesn’t work, try ~ (tilde) just above the right shift.

Useful Stellaris Console Commands

We’ve listed some of the more useful Stellaris console commands for you down below.

Stellaris Console Commands resources

stellaris console commands illegal map

As with any strategy title, resources play a huge part in how well, or poorly, things end up working out for you. You need these basic building blocks no matter what it is that you’re hoping to achieve. Without production resources, you won’t be able to build an army, and diplomacy often relies on money and other valuables to work effectively. These commands will help you to increase your resources whenever necessary, simple type in the command to achieve the desired outcome.

Command Effect Example
alloys [number] adds alloys resources alloys 50000
cash [number] adds energy credits cash 60000
food [number] adds food food 40000
influence [number] adds influence influence 60000
unity [number] adds unity unity 20000
minerals [number] adds minerals minerals 10000
resource [name] [number] adds named resource resource consumer_goods 10000
max_resources fills all resources max_resources

Stellaris Console Commands Ships

As you can probably imagine, a big part of Stellaris takes place in ship-to-ship combat, so there are a fair few commands that will help you to win fights like this. We’ve listed the most important ones below for you to try out. The basic and most important command to learn is the one that adds ships, but it’s a bit more complicated than simply spawning infinitely powerful vessels out of thin air.

The basic command is:

add_ship [ship ID] 

The Ship ID part is actually something you have control over in-game. Whenever you create a new ship design, you can give it a name, and that’s what you enter into the Ship ID part of the command above. For example, if you create a new type of ship called the Barrage, then you would type in add_ship Barrage. Be aware that it’s case-sensitive as well.

Stellaris Console Commands: Cheats and utilities

Stellaris Console Commands Angry Alien

While it’s certainly fun to slightly modify your game a bit using console commands when it comes down to it the most fun can be had by just going crazy with it. These commands alter your game to such an extreme level that there is no way they can’t be considered cheating by most people. Still, that doesn’t make them enormously funny to use.

Command Effect Example
invincibility Prevents your ships from taking damage invincibility
own Take ownership of selected ship/planet/etc own
damage [number] Selected fleet take damage damage 100
force_integrate [number] forces empire to integrate with you force_integrate 1
activate_all_traditions Activates all traditions for your empire activate_all_traditions
communications starts communications with all empires communications
debug_yesmen forces all empires to agree to your proposals debug_yesmen
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