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Subnautica Console Commands – Cheat codes and more in 2022

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Subnautica is a bit of an odd duck when it comes to open-world survival games. Since Minecraft popularized the genre, most games have fallen back on procedural generation and user-driven content to keep players coming back. On the other hand, Subnautica went a different route, offering a genuine storyline and a full single-player experience without relying on randomized world design or expecting the player to find their own fun. That said, due to the game’s design, it’s possible to be done with it relatively quickly. That’s where console commands come in.

With console commands, you can make your experience with Subnautica completely different, from removing elements you don’t like, to simply skipping ahead to parts of the game that you’ve not experienced as frequently. Below, we break down the basics of console commands in Subnautica and how you can use them.

How to open the Command Console

By default, you won’t be able to open the command console in Subnautica, so we’re going to have to mess around with some settings first. When you get into the game, tap F3 to bring up the debug menu. You won’t be able to actually interact with it though, so tap F8 to open up the feedback menu, or Esc to bring up the pause menu. This frees up the mouse, so now you can click the box next to Disable Console in the top-left. Now, you can simply bring up the console by hitting the ‘`’ key underneath Esc.

Subnautica useful Console Commands

There are a fair few console commands in the game, so we’ve broken them down into several groups to make it a bit easier for you to find the ones that you need at any given time.

Subnautica survival commands

As this is a survival game, there are several commands that you can use to make surviving easier. Just remember, because this is a game about surviving, using these cheats will fundamentally change how the game feels to play.

Command Effect Console Command
Removes the need for water and food nosurvival
Removes the need to breathe underwater oxygen
Removes radiation damage radiation
Stops environmental hazards (no enemy aggro, no heat/rads,etc) invisible

Subnautica vehicle console commands

Subnautica Console Commands Prawn Suit

There are plenty of different vehicles to find as you make your way through the storyline of Subnautica, and each new level of vehicle you make will allow you to explore further and further. Of course, if you use these commands, you’ll be able to pull a fully-upgraded Cyclops out of thing air, amongst other things.

Command Effect Console Command
Spawns a Seaglide just ahead of you seaglide
Spawns a Seamoth just ahead of you spawn seamoth
Spawns a Prawn Suit just ahead of you spawn exosuit
Spawns a Cyclops Sub ahead of you sub cylcops
Gives you all the Pawn Suit upgrades exosuitupgrades
Gives you all the prawn suit arms exosuitarms
Gives you all the Cyclops upgrades cyclopsupgrades
Gives you all the regular vehicle upgrades vehicleupgrades

Subnautica cheat and utility console commands

Subnautica Console Commands Temple

While some of the commands above could be used to modify your gameplay experience, these ones are straight up about cheating your way through the game. Not only do they tend to make you nearly unkillable, but some of them have the potential to negatively impact the performance of the game if you use them wrong. That said, enjoy some of the most powerful commands you’ll find in Subnautica.

Command Effect Console Command
Gives the player numerous tools, and various benefits to growing plants and buildings. bobthebuilder
Basically no clipping but it can cause problems going from water to land and back. ghost
Warps you back to the safe shallows biome biome safe
Prevents damage to you and all other entities in the game nodamage
You can build or fabricate without needing resources nocost
Removes need to provide power to buildings or vehicles noenergy
Speeds up scanning fastscan
Speeds up building fastbuild
Speed up plant growth fastgrow
Speeds up hatching time on eggs in Alien Containment fasthatch
Gives you a bunch of tools loot tools
Gives you plenty of tools and basic resources madloot

Subnautica console commands PS4

For once, you don’t have to be on PC to enjoy some console command-related goodness. If you’re playing the game on PS4, you can also access some special features in the game. These commands will disable the ability to earn trophies, but the effects go away when you close and open the game again, so bear that in mind. To get started, load into one of your saves and press Square, X, R1, and L1 at the same time, and the command console will pop up with a keyboard for you to type commands into. The commands are all the same as those we listed above.

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