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The Elec: iPhone 15 Pro to get UD camera with FaceID next year

Apple is expected to announce its iPhone 14 Pro series with a new dual punch hole design later this year but the ultimate goal is to move to an under-display (UD) solution and free up even more screen real estate in the future. According to a new report from South Korean outlet TheElec, Samsung Display and OTI Lumionics are developing a new generation of UD camera which will debut first on the Galaxy Z Fold5 next year and will later make its way to Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro (tentative name) models in the fall of 2023.

OTI Lumionics ConducTorr™ Electrode sketch

Samsung Display is reportedly partnering with OTI Lumionics which has developed a new generation of organic cathode patterning material (CPM) which enables “microscopic transparent windows to be opened in the cathode and OLED pixel layers”. This in turn makes the display completely transparent allowing for Apple to fit its FaceID sensors under the display. The IR sensor will function as normal when unlocking the display leaving a completely notch and cutout-free display for users to enjoy.

Source (in Korean)

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