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These are the most complained about cameras in the world

We often joke that people complain a lot about certain camera manufacturers or the cameras themselves. Whether it’s overheating issues, terrible autofocus or a host of other things that don’t quite live up to the marketing hype, complaints are common. But what are the most complained about cameras out there on the market today? Well, the folks at Electronics Hub decided to find out.

In a recent study, Electronics Hub studied thousands upon thousands of tweets that mention popular tech products and gave each of them a score based on how many complaints they had received. While their study wasn’t limited to just cameras, but all electronics, the camera section is quite interesting. And what’s most interesting is that the top 10 list contains the last three iterations of the GoPro Hero Black.

Fortunately, for GoPro, each new generation of Hero Black seems to be doing better than the one that came before it, with the GoPro Hero 8 Black in first place and the GoPro Hero 9 Black in second. The GoPro Hero 10 Black manages to just creep into the list at ninth place. Of course, GoPro cameras are pretty ubiquitous these days and a lot of people buy into them expecting more than they should. So, then they complain more.

Also interesting is that there are three separate and popular Sony cameras on there, too. With how recently the Sony A7 IV specifically was released, I’m surprised it managed to make it onto the list so soon. But, perhaps this, too, fell foul of user expectation and not being as good in some areas as the on-paper specs might suggest – or that previous generation owners had hoped!

I don’t know if the fact that there are no Panasonics on the list is particularly telling or not. I still see people every day complaining about the terrible autofocus when shooting video that Panasonic’s Depth-From-Defocus (DFD) autofocus system offers – and that it only works with Panasonic’s own lenses and not 3rd party ones, even those from Olympus. But, it could just be that the majority of Panasonic shooters either aren’t shooting video or they’ve just resigned themselves to the fact that there’s no point complaining and they should just shoot video with manual focus lenses.

While 8.6% might seem rather high, it’s nothing compared to the smartphone complaints, with the Google Pixel 6 coming in top at 27.2% of tweets about it being a complaint. There’s no mention of how many smartphone complaints came as a result of the camera modules they contain, but it’s interesting to see which brand holds a whopping eight of the top ten places!

I do find it quite amusing to see their most complained about products comparison between the USA and the UK. The UK ranked a much higher complaint ratio across every spot in the top ten – even for products that appeared on both lists – over the USA. Perhaps it’s true, then, that Brits really do like to complain more!

Check out the full study and the results over on Electronics Hub.

[Graphics courtesy of Electronics Hub]

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