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This robot vacuum is 40% off – Never touch a mop again!

The Roborock family is growing! To celebrate the release of the latest Roborock S7+, NextPit found a great Amazon discount featuring the Roborck S6 Pure, which may be a solution for those who need a competent automatic vacuum and mopping robot. 


  • The Roborock S6 Pure is discounted on Amazon by 40%.
  • Instead of $599, you will only have to pay $359.99.
  • It features a LiDAR Navigation system and up to 1610 square feet of mopping with one tank.

Roborock provides a solid selection of robot vacuum cleaners. Recently the company grew its lineup with the new Roborock S7+, but the premium for the new model is high. So, if you were trying to find the right vacuum bot for you, then the Roborock S6 Pure may be the one, and with this deal it can be yours for considerably less.

On Amazon, we find the Roborock S6 Pure at a discount of 40%. From the original price of $600, you will pay only $359.99 for the mid-range robot vacuum. But is this the right one for you? Keep reading to see what the Roborock S6 Pure can do and find out.

What can the Roborock S6 Pure do?

The S6 Pure can automatically map different floors, and you can even set invisible walls! / © Roborock

The Roborock S6 Pure comes with a plethora of different features that will make your life just a bit easier. In general, it requires less interaction than cheaper robot vacuums, thanks to the included LiDAR detection system and automation support through the app. The bot is not only able to avoid objects but to map out areas of your house on different floors and set smart schedules with varying modes of cleaning.

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Then through the included app, you can cleaning priorities, no-go zones, and even invisible walls that the S6 will avoid passing. Other automation features include Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support, as well as fully customizable cleaning for your rooms. The application is compatible with both Android and iOS.

In terms of cleaning power, the Roborock S6 Pure has a suction power of 2000Pa with a battery life of up to 3-hours. In addition, it can mop up to 150 square meters in one tank. Roborock recommends this model for hard surfaces, but the S6 Pure is also able of cleaning carpets too.

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