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Today’s Wordle May 10 hints, clues and answer

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After yesterday’s controversial Wordle U-turn, today’s Wordle answer for May 10, 2022, has also been changed. With yet another potentially offensive word appearing as today’s original Wordle answer, some users may find that they get a different result to friends or family. While the original answer has technically been removed, players on a cached browser may still get the earlier puzzle.

The new, second Wordle answer for May 10 is far less triggering, and is in fact rather cute! However, it’s a bit of a strange word in terms of word structure, so we’re here to help if you’re struggling. Read on for some hints to help you get to today’s Wordle answer well within six guesses.

Wordle hints May 10 2022

General Wordle hints

  • Try and use as many vowels as possible in your first guess
  • Remember, eliminating letters can be just as important as guessing right, especially today.

More specific hints for today’s Wordle answer

  • A common digraph appears in today’s word, but not where you’d expect to see it.
  • There are two vowels in today’s word, and one of them is “O”.
  • You might keep today’s Wordle answer as a pet.

Wordle May 10, 2022 answer

Another day, another spoiler warning! Read on only if you are happy to find out the answer for Wordle, May 10, 2022, as it appears right below the following image.

Wordle May 10 325

Today’s Wordle answer is… GECKO. An adorable, friendly lizard (or regrettable gap-year tattoo), Geckos can be found across the world, and come in many different sizes, colors and even habitats. Not only are they camouflaged to help protect them from predators, but they can also shed their tails if grabbed by a hungry enemy!

As a word, gecko is fairly uncommon. While “ck” is a very common digraph at the end of a word, it’s far less common in places three and four of a five-letter word. Especially when you consider that Wordle answers are rarely (if at all) plurals. However, a five-letter word ending in “O” isn’t as uncommon as you’d perhaps think, though many of them aren’t really everyday words.

What was the original Wordle answer for May 10, 2022?

Another spoiler alert!

The first word, which, as mentioned, could still come up for some, was “butch”. This term, while has been claimed by some LGBTQ+ individuals as a positive description, is known to be used by non-allies as a derogatory word, the reason we believe is behind its removal from today’s Wordle.

Come back again tomorrow for more Wordle hints and tips, as we’re officially back in the Wordle game – sorry if you missed us while we were gone. We’ve also refreshed our Wordle hints and tips page, so check that out for more general, day-to-day Wordle strategies.

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