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Today’s Wordle May 13 hints, clues and answer

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I promise I’ll stop mentioning it after today, but in a week of eerily relevant Wordle answers, the daily puzzle for Friday, May 13, 2022, follows the trend with a very weekend-appropriate answer. And again, I’ve chucked you a free hint before we’ve even got started. So let’s get into the rest of your tips for today’s Wordle answer – in case that’s not enough.

Wordle hints May 13 2022

General Wordle hints

  • In the absence of vowels, remember the letter “Y”.
  • Try not to use two of the same letter unless you’ve no other options.

Specific hints for today’s Wordle answer

  • Today’s Wordle answer for May 13, 2022, only contains one vowel.
  • But, as suggested above, there is also a “Y” in there somewhere (yes, that counts as a separate hint).
  • Today’s answer is the title of an early noughties song by J-Kwon.

Wordle answer, May 13, 2022

Here’s your daily warning before today’s Wordle is ruined for you – turn back now or forever… have today’s Wordle answer.

Today’s Wordle answer is… TIPSY. Here’s to the freaking weekend. I struggled with this one a bit today, getting it in five. But that was partly down to a rather silly (and wasted) fourth guess. Hopefully, you did better, especially with the clues above. Now, on that note, have a good one, and get plenty tipsy. We’ll be around with your weekend Wordle tips, as well, so don’t get too tipsy and lose your streak to a missed day…

We’ve also refreshed our Wordle hints and tips page, and we’ve still got some suggestions for Wordle alternatives to keep you busy over the weekend.

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