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Tokina goes wide aperture with its new SZ 33mm f/1.2 APS-C lens for Fuji X and Sony E mount

Tokina has announced the new Tokina SZ 33mm f/1.2 lens for Fujifilm X and Sony E mount APS-C cameras. The manual focus offers a field of view similar to that of a 50mm lens on a full-frame body with a wide and bright f/1.2 aperture for shallow depth of field and low light shooting conditions. As well as manual focus, the lens also features a manual aperture ring to help keep it down to a budget-friendly price.

Tokina bills the lens as being ideal for landscapes, street photography, portraits and nighttime photography, and is a third of a stop faster than the Tokina ATX-M 33mm f/1.4 it replaces in the lineup. Despite trying to keep the price as low as possible, though, it’s a little bit more expensive than its predecessor.

As a manual focus lens with a long focus throw and manual clickless aperture ring, it’s ideal for shooting both stills and video. Of course, for stills, you’ll have to get used to zone focusing if you’re going the street photography route and want to be able to react to ever-changing scenes quickly. The fast f/1.2 aperture should be fantastic for helping with those nighttime shots, though.

Focal Length 33mm
Maximum Aperture f/1.2
Minimum Aperture f/16
Lens Mount Fujifilm X / Sony E
Format Compatibility APS-C
Angle of View 48°
Minimum Focus Distance 50cm
Optical Design 9 elements in 7 groups
Diaphragm Blades 11
Focus Type Manual
Image Stabilization No
Filter Size 62 mm (Front)
Dimensions (ø x L) Fuji X 71 x 87.5mm / Sony E 71 x 87.2mm
Weight 605g

Tokina says that the lens has low light fall-off with high contrast with optics comprising 9 elements in 7 groups. It features an all-metal exterior with a depth of field and hyperfocal distance scale built right into the focus ring.

The retail price for both Fuji X and Sony E mount versions of the lens will be $399, although Tokina hasn’t said yet when it will actually be released and I haven’t seen it available for pre-order anywhere yet. But it’s an interesting and certainly more refined update over the ATX-M 33mm f/1.4. You can find out more about the Tokina SZ 33mm f/1.2 here and here.

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