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Tunic gets day one release on Xbox Game Pass

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An adventurous little fox was finally released into the wild on March 16, 2022, as retro-influenced RPG Tunic was launched on Xbox consoles and Windows PC. Better still, Tunic got a surprise day one release on Xbox Game Pass.

Tunic got an incredible reception when it was first teased during 2018’s E3. Back then, it was a one-man development, while being published by Xbox Studios. From there, the team grew, as did the anticipation. Now, the Xbox-exclusive can finally be enjoyed by Xbox and PC gamers thanks to its global release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC and Xbox Game Pass.

Play Tunic on Xbox Game Pass

While the game is available for purchase, if you have a subscription to Xbox Game Pass or Game Pass Ultimate, you can tackle the action-adventure RPG for free.

Tunic will take you on an adorable adventure through a lost land as you take on tough monsters and terrifying sorcerers. Tunic gameplay encourages you to use impeccable timing and learn from your mistakes, as dodging your enemies is as crucial as attacking them. Die, and you lost items you’ve used up to that point. In other words, Tunic’s cute appearance perfectly distracts from what is actually intensely challenging action-RPG gameplay.

Don’t forget your instruction manual

Possibly the coolest element to Tunic is a call-back to games of old in the form of collectible instruction manual pages. Depending on your age, you may or may not remember when video games included full instruction manuals, providing you with character info, handy hints, and full-color maps. Well, Tunic alludes to that time with digital manual pages that you collect on your journey, compile into a full manual and use to help you on your journey.

Play Tunic on the go with Xbox Cloud Gaming

As well as being added to the Xbox Game Pass library, Tunic can be played on the cloud. Save your progress and play across your PC and console without taking up valuable storage space. As no download is needed for Xbox cloud gaming, you can start your Tunic adventure right away.

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