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Verge World Announced At IGN Expo, Demo Coming Soon

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A new flight based game has been announced at the IGN Expo 2022. The game is titled Verge World, and is coming soon.

Verge World Gameplay Shown

The IGN Expo showed off a trailer for Verge World that is a high-speed combat racing roguelite game by Bad Bones Games. The trailer shows a dogfight happening in a tight space, similar to the trench run in the original Star Wars movie. The game will be seeing a full release in the Fall of this year, and a demo will be released during Steam Next Fest.

What is Verge World?

As the Steam page states:

Fly, crash, and adapt in this post-apocalyptic high-speed combat racing roguelite. VergeWorld mixes procedurally generated intense action and airship customization with the retro PSX-era 3D visuals and synthwave music.

The demo officially launches on June 13th and tasks you with adapting your tactics as you’re faced off against larger and larger enemies and ships. It was originally based on a Commodore Amiga demo that launched years ago, but it seems that they’ve shifted their focus to a PC launch for later this year.

In the press release post the IGN showcase, the developers also describe it as a:

  • A new game that combines fast-paced action with unique retro esthetics
  • Fly, crash, and adapt in this procedurally generated roguelite combat racer
  • A playable demo is coming to Steam Next Fest

Players should be able to feel the replayability of this title as they do trench runs like missions from Star Wars on the original Death Star, along with the craziness of the pod racers, at least from some of the textures that we have seen from the demo preview. Moreso, we know we can customize the ships to fit our needs, whether its speed or guns that will help us on our tracks.

Lastly, Bad Bones are planning on expanding the game onto consoles, however, there are no details on all that just yet. More details will be revealed during the summer, so keep your eyes on the game if this interests you.

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