By definition, ‘fixed-lens’ cameras aren’t designed to have their lenses removed. But that didn’t stop photographer Ronaldo Carvalho from taking apart an old Olympus Trip 35 camera to adapt its 40mm F2.8 lens to his Canon EOS R6 camera.

As shared in the above video, the idea came about when Carvalho noticed the camera was beginning to fall apart on his shelf. With the camera already in disrepair, he took the lens off entirely and started the trial-and-error process of figuring out how far the lens needed to be from his R6’s sensor to active proper focus.

After the proper distance was determined, Carvalho modified a Canon RF body cap to use as a mounting bracket for the lens. With the help of a rotary tool, some glue and a few screws, he eventually got the lens securely mounting inside the cap and had it ready to go for shooting. The DIY lens still offers the full F2.8 through F22 aperture range and delivers some incredibly soft, dreamy images that, while not technically perfect, do have a vintage charm.