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We Are OFK Getting a Nintendo Switch Release

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Band biopic game, We Are OFK is officially getting a Nintendo Switch release. The title was announced back at the 2020 Game Awards and will tell the story of the real-life band OFK founded by several of the game’s developers. While the game was already heading to most platforms, thus far, a Switch release hadn’t been confirmed.

We Are OFK Is Coming to Nintendo Switch

We Are OFK is probably one of the first band biopic video games ever to be conceived, and it has drawn a lot of attention since it was announced due to the unique concept. The initial reveal happened during the game awards when the band gave their first public performance. It was quickly announced that they would be releasing We Are OFK sometime in 2022 as a biopic of how the band got together.

The reveal at the time was mostly a teaser, but at least we got some more details about the game at E3 2021. This trailer showed off the deeply emotional storyline that the game will have, with the interpersonal drama between band members appearing to be a running theme. At the Indie World Showcase 5.11.22, we learned the game would also come to Nintendo Switch and other platforms like PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

What we Know about We Are OFK

Outside of the storyline revolving around the titular band, we don’t know too much about how the game is going to play. Clearly, it has a narrative focus, so the chances are that the gameplay won’t be particularly action-heavy. That said, it’s also a game about music, so there is a good chance that there could be some rhythm elements involved. On the plus side, we also know it’s going to have one hell of an interesting storyline.

From certain shots of gameplay, it seems like We Are OFK might end up being pretty close to a traditional point-and-click adventure title, albeit with a unique art style. If you want to learn more, check out the trailer above or wishlist the game on Steam. We Are OFK is going to hit store shelves at some point in 2022 and will be available across all major platforms.

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