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Where to find Merchant Kale in Elden Ring

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Elden Ring is going to be packed full of surprises. Even experienced Souls players are going to miss vital characters and information as they start out in the game.

If you are still wondering what your class should be before you head out for real, check out our guide to all the classes in Elden Ring right here.

Merchant Kale location

Merchant Kale is a highly important NPC merchant that is located in the Limgrave region, more specifically in the Church of Elleh. Early on in the game when you leave the first underground section of Elden Ring you should seek him out as one of your first objectives as you need to quickly obtain something you will need for the rest of the game from him.

Head north from the first Site of Grace after you exit the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave and you will soon come across Limgrave.

Merchant Kale Items for sale

Below you will see a table showing all Merchant Kale’s wares. Most items only have a stock of 1, but you can buy infinite numbers of arrows from him if you fancy your character as a bowman. Do not leave without the crafting kit though. That is your essential purchase here as you will find out by reading below.

Item Cost Amount
Bastard Sword 500 1
Lance 500 1
Noble Sorcerer Ashes 400 1
Scimitar 400 1
Battle Axe 400 1
Telescope 300 1
Longsword 300 1
Club 300 1
Shortbow 300 1
Buckler 300 1
Lone Wolf Ashes 200 1
Cracked Pot 200 5
Torch 200 1
Leather Shield 200 1
Deserter’s Cookbook 150 1
Missionary’s Cookbook 150 1
Crafting Kit 50 1
Arrow 10 Infinite

Essential items from Merchant Kale

crafting kit
Crafting Kit

The Crafting kit is your essential purchase from Merchant Kale. Without this kit, you are unable to craft any of the essential items you will need more or less immediately so it is essential you make your way to the Merchant and pick one up.

Once you have the kit you can create consumables from the materials you find on your travels.

What happens if I attack Merchant Kale?

Yeah, don’t do that. One of Merchant Kale’s dialogue lines is “Perhaps you don’t need to hear this, but… See that no harm comes to my kin. We have a saying, we wanderers. Lament not your solitude. Expect no sympathy. No regard. Nothing. But if anyone dares harm us, show them no mercy. That is our code, so to speak. Just the way we are. Deeply… unforgiving.

This suggests that you in fact be looking to protect any merchants, and possibly that there will be consequences to pay should any of them come to any harm.

You can however fight him, but even if you defeat him he will drop nothing. So we would suggest staying on his good side.

Who voices Merchant Kale?

Merchant Kale’s voice is provided by actor Nabil Elouahabi. Nabil is English and best known for roles in movies The Sum of all Fears, Infinite and Ali G Indahouse. He is currently starring in the hit British drama about bomb disposal in London, Trigger Point which is airing on ITV.

Previous videogame voiceover work includes voicing Cypher in Valorant and Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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