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While waiting for Android 13, Google releases new Android 12 features

Google has just announced new features on Android 12. Gboard improvements, accessibility features and in-app purchases with Play Points are now deployed on all smartphones running the latest official version of Android. Some of these features are Google Pixel only.


  • Custom stickers and new emojis for Gboard arrived at Android 12.
  • New accessibility features for the hearing and visually impaired.
  • The ability to use your Play points for in-app purchases.

New emojis that you can combine

Google is now offering all Gboard US users the ability to create custom stickers from text. Google’s emojis have been updated for the current LGBTQIA+ Pride month and the emoji combination feature is available for everyone.

It also becomes possible to combine emojis to create new ones. Over 1600 new combinations are now possible and allow you to create new emojis. For example, you can create emojis combining a football and a watermelon. The reasons why we still don’t know, but to do that it’s possible now.

New accessibility features

Sound Amplifier for the hearing impaired

Android 12 accessibility settings update allows people with hearing loss to amplify sounds, remove ambient noise via a new interface. The sounds recorded by the smartphone are filtered and can be modulated for the benefit of people with a hearing disability.

Lookout for the visually impaired

The updated Lookout – Assisted Vision application will improve the lives of visually impaired people. Users of the application can import images from third-party applications and request a description of them.

Lookout then describes the image using Google’s new machine learning model. Text, Documents, Food Label and Explore modes have also been updated and the app can also be used offline.

Make in-app purchases with Play Points

Loyalty points on the Google Play Store can now be used for in-app purchases within the apps themselves. These points are generated through purchases on the Play Store. Every $1 spent on the platform is equivalent to a little more than one point.

The points often unknown to Android users were usable after a long series of manipulations only. And above all, you had to spend them from the Play Store, you couldn’t do it from the applications. Google has therefore simplified the process.

Have you already received these new features on your Android? 

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