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Who is saying “They’ll Never Find Me” in Elden Ring

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If you’ve been hunting around the late-game areas of Elden Ring, you might have come across one or two mysteries that are scattered throughout the late-game. In particular, you might have discovered a mysterious voice calling out “They’ll never find me” and wondered where this stranger is and what they’re doing. Luckily, we have this guide that can show you where to find the source of this voice and the reward that you’ll get for doing so.

“They’ll Never Find me” in Elden Ring

Theyll Never Find Me Hidden Item

This particular mysterious voice is found in the Mt Gelmir region of Elden Ring, specifically inside Fort Laiedd on the Seethewater River. You can find the fort by following the riverbed all the way around, and it’s guarded by a bunch of enemies and a mini-boss, but once they’re dead, you can head inside and climb up through the stairs and doors to reach the roof. This is where you’ll find the voice saying “They’ll Never Find Me” somewhere nearby. If you head to the tower at the northwest corner of the fort, you can hear the voice much clearer.

If you jump over the wall to the left when you’re facing the tower in question, you’ll land on a wooden platform on the other side. Here, a ghost is constantly repeating its final moments, and nearby you’ll find an item. This is the Fire Scorpian Charm that boosts your fire damage at the expense of how much damage you’re taking. You can also talk to the ghost if you want as this will help you uncover a bit more about the character, such as the fact that they were somehow affiliated with the nearby Volcano Manor.

What is the Fire Scorpian charm useful for?

theyll never find me fire attacks

If you have a build that deals fire damage, the Fire Scorpian Charm is massively useful for buffing your damage. You shouldn’t worry too much about the increase in your taken damage because it’s pretty minimal, though it also does stack with other talismans that increase your damage intake. On your way up, you probably also received the Prelate’s Inferno Crozier, a giant hammer that has a very flame-heavy special attack. These two items make a great combo, as long as you have the strength necessary to wield the burning hammer and use its charge attack.

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