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Xiaomi: How to create MIUI shortcuts with the Back Tap function

On your Xiaomi smartphone, you have several MIUI shortcuts. Some of them can be accessed via gestures such as tapping twice or three times on the back of your phone. In this tutorial, we explain how to enable double tap on MIUI to take screenshots or access your settings on your Xiaomi smartphone.

Apple started the smartphone back-tapping craze with the Back Tap feature back on iOS 14. Since then, Google and Android manufacturers have also rushed to offer similar gesture controls. Thus, in MIUI 12, we find the Back Tap feature that allows you to assign several shortcuts to double or triple finger taps on the back of the smartphone.

To enable the Back Tap feature of MIUI on your Xiaomi smartphone:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Additional Settings
  3. Go to Gesture shortcuts
  4. Choose Back Tap.
  5. Choose Double tap back or Triple tap back
  6. Select which shortcut you want to associate with the gesture
Xiaomi’s Back Tap feature offers plenty of shortcuts in MIUI / © NextPit

With the Back Tap function, you can quickly:

  • Take a screenshot.
  • Access the control center.
  • Display the notification pane.
  • Launch Google Assistant.
  • Open the camera.
  • Open the calculator.
  • Switch to silent mode.
  • Get a history of interface issues.

Below, you can see a very quick demonstration of the double tap gesture to take a screenshot on the Xiaomi 11T Pro running MIUI 12.5.

That’s it for this tutorial to enable MIUI’s Back Tap feature on your Xiaomi smartphone. Did you find this article useful? Are you already using the Back Tap feature on your Xiaomi?

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