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Xiaomi’s newest Buds 3T Pro promise premium sound alongside noise-cancellation

Xiaomi is known as one of the most budget-friendly options on the market. The company makes smartphones, headphones, and some smart home devices. Most recently, Xiaomi launched the Buds 3T Pro, it’s latest headphones offering.

The Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro follow on to the Buds 3 Pro, but with some notable updates. The Buds 3 Pro came with 35dB noise cancellation, wireless charging, and a 28 hour battery life. If you think that sounds impressive, wait until you see the Buds 3T Pro.

Xiaomi’s latest headphones have 40dB active noise cancellation, with a Transparency mode. This feature lets you listen to your surroundings as if you weren’t wearing headphones. It’s very similar to Apple‘s Transparency mode on AirPods. That’s not the only thing Xiaomi has borrowed from Apple, though.

If the design of the Buds 3T Pro looks very familiar, that’s because it is. It looks very similar to AirPods Pro… and the wireless Beats… and the Galaxy Buds… and the Pixel Buds. Yes, all wireless earbuds look more or less the same.

When it comes to sound, Xiaomi promises “studio-level performance”. The Buds 3T Pro feature a 10mm dynamic driver with sectional DLC coating, to balance the bass, middle and treble performance. The earbuds also support high-definition audio transmission for higher quality sound.

On the Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro, you’ll also find a new Dimensional Audio feature. This creates 360-degree sound and tracks head movements to replicate real-life environments. It’s very similar to Apple’s Spatial Audio, which it looks like Xiaomi has used for inspiration.

When it comes to fit, those that are used to earbuds should have no problem. The Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro have soft silicon tips to improve comfort in the ear. Each bud is only 4.9g as well, so they definitely won’t feel heavy.

Xiaomi claims you can expect 6 hours of battery life on a single charge, and up to 24 hours when using the case to recharge them. With wireless charging and a basic IP55 water protection, the earbuds should be good to take on the move.

If all of this makes the Buds 3T Pro sound like a viable option, there’s probably one question left on your mind: the price. The wireless earbuds retail for €100, which is approximately £83 at the moment. But, there’s a slight catch. Xiaomi’s official store doesn’t actually sell the buds, so you’ll have to look to electronic retailers to pick up a pair.

Stuff says: The Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro are a solid budget option for wireless earbuds. They come from a big name in the budget world, so you can expect reliability. Of course, these wireless earbuds are unlikely to sound the best, but they’ll put up a solid performance for their price. With features on par with more premium wireless earbuds, you won’t be left disappointed. It just may be a challenge to actually buy a pair.

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