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Yugioh Master Duel – Meta Guide – Shaddoll Invoked Dogmatika

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The Yugioh Master Duel meta is a diverse one currently. For those who want to get to the top ranks of competitive play with no experience, it can be difficult. Well don’t worry, these guides will take you through Master Duels’ best decks, their goals, combos, and what you should be seeing at the end of your turns

The type of card in a deck will be broken down into a few categories:

Searcher – This card lets you search your deck for another card

Extender – This card will special summon itself or another card

Starter – A card that will begin your combo

Interrupter – A card that allows for interaction on your opponent’s turn, be this negate, destroy, or return a card to the hand.

Finisher – A card intended to finish up games by attacking

SH-I-D or I-D-S

A hybrid of three archetypes, Shaddoll, Invoked, and Dogmatika. IDS is a mix of powerful control cards and floodgates. All three decks have oppressive boss monsters that control the opponent’s field. They all have strong tools to remove your opponent’s monsters and negate their effects.

This deck is a very slow control-based deck. Taking your first few turns to stun your opponent and attack them on the following turn. This is also a hard deck to use, you need to understand 3 separate archetypes along with what tool you should be using to stop your opponent.

It’s basically chess if chess had a giant goth puppet named after the Abrahamic god, Catholics, and Anime boy renditions of real-world occultist Alister Crowley.


A fusion deck that is powerful enough on its own but a nightmare when used with other decks. Shaddolls are designed to combat your opponent’s extra deck monsters by using their own powerful fusion monsters. This deck is actually a flip deck originally, using its effects to gain advantage over the course of the duel. If your opponent has Extra deck monster on the field your cards have effects to combat them, massively punishes your opponent for using the Extra deck.


Another Fusion deck. The Invoked are a supplementary archetype. Designed to work along with other decks and here is where they shine. The Invoked Fusion monsters are a great series of utility monsters, each with useful effects that can give you the upper hand depending on what your opponent has. They also come with a useful resource loop meaning you will never run out of fusion spells.


The newest part of this strategy. Originally called Dragma in the OCG, why its name was changed we may never know. This time with no extra deck monsters that you actually summon, instead the Dogmatika cards are anti-extra deck much like the Shaddolls. Cards that special summon is an extradeck monster is on the field or tools that use extra deck monsters as resources.

The Synergy

Each of these decks have powerful control tools that together make it very difficult for your opponent to set up a strong board. Invoked allows for more fusion spells to make Shaddoll monsters along with protecting them with the Invoked feild spells. Dogmatika can send cards from your extra deck to the grave as a resource. Shaddoll fusion monsters get to add Shaddoll cards to the hand when they are sent to the grave. It’s easy to see how these 3 end up supporting each other to make an oppressive control strategy.

The Gameplan

IDS can go second or first. If going first you want to set up a series of negates with Mechaba and Fluerdelis, along with an El Shaddoll Winda to stop your opponent from summoning more than once. In addition, you will be able to use your hand traps to further limit your opponent.

Initially stunning your opponent before OTKing turn 3, which this deck is more than capable of doing.

Going seconds you can summon El Shaddoll Construct and Invoked Purgatrio to break through your opponent’s monsters and deal enough damage to beat them on the second turn.

How you build your deck will determine which is the better option for you, so let’s go through what each card does so you can get to deck building.

The Deck


Main deck

All of these cards have 2 effects, a flip effect, and when they are sent to the graveyard by card effects, however, you can only activate one of these effects per turn. By Card effect also includes when used for a fusion summon so remember this when summoning your powerful monsters

Shaddoll Hedgehog (Searcher)

Hedgehog when flipped gets you any Shaddoll spell or trap. Also when sent to the grave lets you add any Shaddoll monster from your Deck to your hand besides hedgehog.

Shaddoll Squamata (Starter)

Squamata when flipped targets monster your opponent controls and destroy it, if sent to the grave it sends another card from the deck to the grave.

Reeshaddoll Wendi (Starter)

Wendi when flipped or sent the grave summons a monster from your deck, this is one of your key cards getting the material for your Shaddoll fusion monsters.

Depending on your build you may run three of each of these or just one of each. An important thing to remember is this the graveyard effects of these cards effect activate when sent by fusion spells too, meaning as long as they got there by card effect they will activate those effects. Getting Squamata into the grave for example can be a search when you send hedgehog or a special summon when you send Wendi.

Shaddoll Beast, Dragon, and Ariel are played at one copy even in more Shaddoll heavy decks. These are more utility cards, with effects that give you an advantage when they are sent to the grave.

Shaddoll Dragon (Interruption)

Dragon is a spell/trap removal when it’s sent to the grave, with Squamata this is the same as running 4 copies of Mystical space typhoon.

Shaddoll Beast (Extender)

Beast when flipped lets you draw 2 cards and discard one, its grave effect just lets you draw one card. Beast is a level 5 monster however so the only way you will be getting it onto the field is with Wendi.

Nealshaddoll Ariel (Extender)

Ariel lets you summon a banished Shaddoll when flipped which is useful for the late game to get some resources back. Ariel can also banish cards from either grave when flipped so it can be a useful tool if your opponent plays Eldlich for example.

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