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Yugioh Master Duel Xyz Festival – SelfTK Drama

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Yugioh Master duel has started its first-ever event. The Yugioh digital simulator has had a strong start and with its first event, it’s exciting to see what will be happening in the future for Master Duel. The Xyz Festival is here and with it, problems. The medal system has resulted in some exploiting this casual event at the cost of other peoples fun

What is a SelfTK?

Trading card game slang has never been accessible. A SelfTK is a term used to describe when a player puts their own Life points to 0 on the first turn. Normally this makes no sense, however, in the Xyz Festival there is a reason for this self-destructive gameplay.

The method to the madness

When you win in the Master Duel Xyz Festival you earn 100 medals. When you lose you get 50 medals. However, it takes more time to win a duel intentionally than it does to lose one. So players are building decks that reduce their life points to 0 to get as many medals as quickly as they can.

To get as many points as possible people have decided to turn Yugioh into a boring conveyer-belt job. The game starts, play the cards that make you pay as many LP as possible with no interaction. Lose your game and do this again. Sounds as fun as pulling teeth.

Ultimately this has a lot of people upset, the Xyz Festival is currently 50/50 with decks that blow themselves up to turn one or someone using one of the loaner decks who surrender after 3 minutes of watching a Lyrilusc combo.

Who is to blame?

Many are calling for Konami to fix this issue by changing how the medal system works. Giving more medals to those who win or less to those who lose. If there is a way to make it so anyone who reduces their own life points to 0 gets no points that would be great. It’s understandable that people would want to get as many gems as fast as possible, but at the cost of events that breathe new life into a game by bringing players in is just selfish and very boring.

So what’s going to happen? It seems unlikely that Konami will be changing the systems in place to stop people from wasting their own time. The Sigma grindset isn’t stopping anytime soon, as those who really want gems won’t be stopping until they get all of them while having a little fun as possible. But there is a third option. To fight back.

Fight back against the SelfTK

You won’t be getting a decklist here that lets you do this very unfun method of gameplay. Instead, a way to counter these decks, have fun and waste the time of the future micromanaging office bosses. The plan is to force them to surrender and waste as much time of theirs as possible. Using cards that give life to your opponent they won’t be able to get down to 0. Not to mention the best part is if you surrender, you get no gems.

Cards like “A heroic sacrifice” put your opponent to 8000 LP when they are 1000 or below. “Gift card” gives your opponent 3000 LP. Setting these up on your turn one is a great way to draw this game out as long as possible. If your opponent insists on pulling teeth you will make it as uncomfortable for them as possible and hopefully force them to give up.

Yugi-tuber Farfa has already started taking the fight to the STKers, crafting a deck designed to keep them alive and waste as much time as possible. With the help from Muscle Medic, this dark time in Masterduel will be over in no time.

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